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What Your Backyard Says About You

Do all of your neighbors envy your perfectly striped lawn and thriving garden?


Is it more likely you’ll run over a scooter as you pull into the driveway?

Is your backyard a place where friends and family gather and enjoy the best barbecue?


Is it a calming oasis where you can escape?

Your front and back yards are an extension of your home.

They should feel like home to you.

We want to help you extend your home beyond the walls and create that perfect stay-cation for you and your loved ones. Just like updating your home, updating your yard requires a plan and action. It can also bring additional value to your home. Below you will find a few things to consider when planning and executing your dream backyard.

1. Purpose

What do you currently use this space for? What would you like to use this space for? Will you be entertaining lots of people? Do you want a space where your kids can play safely? Will it be a space where you can go and relax after a long hard day? Whatever the purpose may be, make sure that it is going to serve you and your family well over the years.

2. Critters and Company

It’s important to consider your pets, kids, and guests when planning a backyard renovation. You will want to ensure a safe place and plenty of coverage for everyone.

Check that you have liability coverage with your home insurance policy. Also, make sure that you have taken the proper safety precautions when it comes to things such as playhouses, pools, firepits or kitchen areas, trampolines, and other similar areas of your backyard.

It’s also important to remember that some plants may be harmful to pets or even kids,

so check these things out before planting.

3. The Fun

How will you be spending your time in your new outdoor space? There are so many possibilities, but unfortunately our budgets and the size of our space may not allow for them all. It’s important to prioritize what will bring the most enjoyment to your backyard.

Check out a few ideas below!

  • Patio or deck

  • Outdoor kitchen area

  • Swimming pool

  • Lounge area with a fire pit

  • Kids clubhouse or play area

  • Inground trampoline

  • Garden with plants and produce

  • Bar with movie or gameday TV

  • Pet playground

  • Sports practice area

4. Curb Appeal

Proper landscaping and gardening can bring a lot more value to your home. When deciding what to plant, it’s also important to keep in mind who will care and maintain your garden. You should also remember that not all plants are created equal, each one not only has a different look, but will also serve a different purpose and require different care than the others.

Other things that add to your home's curb appeal include fresh exterior paint, a patio or deck, and even a fence!

5. Coverage

When updating your home (yes, even the backyard) you should also update your home insurance policies. You have put so much love and care into creating the perfect space for your friends and family to enjoy this summer, make sure it’s covered.

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