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The Smiling Face That Welcomes Our Students

Teacher appreciation week is coming to an end, but the incredible work these educators do each and every day is never-ending.

It’s easy to overlook the person on the other side of that desk as you hurry your kids out the door, throw their papers and lunch money at them, and rush off to begin your own day. We barely even notice the kind and smiling face that welcomes our students into class every single morning.

A teacher's job is to educate.

That’s it. Really, that’s all they have to do.

Prepare a lesson, give assignments, document progress.

But teacher’s rarely stop there.

Instead, they love, encourage, and support our students more than we will ever realize.

A teacher becomes a role model, a counselor, a friend. Someone who can make your child laugh when they’re feeling sad. Someone who cleans their wounds when they get knocked down. Someone who knows how to challenge, inspire, and push a child to be their very best self.

We ask our children how school’s going, but we forget to do the same for teachers.

That smiling face that welcomed your child into class might have just had one of the most stressful mornings. Still, the teacher will choose their students every single day.

Too many teachers are underappreciated and lacking support.

And for all of that love they are pouring out into the lives of our students, we must start loving them right back.

I hope you realize just how much a teacher cares for your child and I hope you remember to say thank you, not just this week, but every day your student learns and grows and loves well.

As a special thank you to teachers and other educators, our agency offers you insurance at a discounted rate. Please call, email, or visit us in person so that we can help protect you with the best rates.

Help your child say thank you to their teacher by printing and coloring the custom bookmarks below!

Teacher Appreciation Flowers Bookmark
Download • 231KB

Teacher Appreciation Bookmark Trophy
Download • 23KB

Teacher Appreciation Adventure Bookmark
Download • 38KB

Teacher Appreciation Ruler Bookmark
Download • 17KB

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