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productivity, snow days, and lots of coffee

hey midwest friends!

Don’t worry, I’m not here to make anymore jokes about the 11 seasons we struggle through here every year. I’m just here to wish you a safe and warm third winter and remind you that however you choose to spend these snow days it is totally okay!!

We know we talk a lot about goals and ambition and if you remember our focus this month is “get up and go,” but if you haven’t noticed the snow is piling up and the roads are slick and somewhere along the way that focus may have shifted.

The truth is when there’s a shift in routine or the schedule changes, you may find it hard to stay motivated. Cold, snowy days may make it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Cancelled school and crazy kids can be a huge distraction. Snow covered cars and slick roads make it difficult to get to the office.

Whatever the reason may be, sometimes we just can’t be productive.

And that is totally okay!!

We live in a world that puts a lot of pressure on our accomplishments. Who we are is often associated with what we do, and this mindset can often leave us feeling unfulfilled or disappointed when we don’t get a lot done.

But the truth is we weren’t created to always be working.

You and I were created for so much more!

We have to stop placing our worth in our accomplishments and start living knowing we are worthy because we were MADE worthy.

You were made worthy.

Worthy regardless of your productivity.

Valued whether or not that to-do list gets done.

Loved even if you choose to stay in bed all day long.

We’re here to tell you to listen to your body, enjoy these days spent at home, and “get up and go” when you’re ready (and the roads are clear again).


Below are some tips to make the most of your snow days.

  1. Stay in bed for however long you want

  2. Make hot chocolate for yourself + those crazy kids

  3. Work when you can and when you feel like it

  4. Start your car even if you’re not going anywhere

  5. Open your cabinet doors and expose those pipes

  6. Keep sinks slightly on to avoid frozen pipes

  7. Drink as much coffee as your heart desires (when possible, go and pick it up from your favorite coffee shop! I suggest trying Precision where they offer curbside services so you get to stay in the comfort of your own car)

  8. Remember the extra blankets and emergency kit for the trunk

  9. Minimize driving as much as possible

  10. When you must go somewhere, remember to check that your exhaust is free from snow

  11. Check this on your house as well! Carbon monoxide is extremely poisonous

  12. Call and check on your parents, grandparents, neighbors, or college kids (we don’t all know these helpful tips)

  13. Put salt down and avoid a liability

  14. Remember this cold weather can be harmful for your animals as well, check on them often and bring them inside if possible.

  15. Know that you are worthy regardless of your productivity, that rest is a good thing, and that you’ll be back to that insane determination and crazy routine before too long- so enjoy these slow snow days!

For more information on how to care for your home or automobile during these cold, snowy days connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or here at the


So, if your motivation has been buried in the snow and you find yourself cuddled up in bed all day, remember that it is okay!! You’ll get back to the grind when you’re ready.

You are worth so much more than what you get done today.

Stay warm, stay safe, and remember it’s the midwest, next week will be a totally new season.

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