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The Holiday Movie That'll Make You Want To Review Your Insurance

6 Reasons Why This Classic Holiday Movie Will Make You Want To Review Your Insurance Policy

As noted by the girl in the office who doesn’t sell insurance. Kevin, I hope your parents are covered.

Market research got quite interesting this week as I found myself cozied up sipping on some hot chocolate and distracted by the hundred and something rerun of one of my favorite holiday movies, “Home Alone”.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with this movie, I seriously don’t know how you’ve managed to scheme up ways to protect yourself from the Harry’s and Marv’s of this world but I’m glad you’re here to read this today.

“Home Alone” is a hilariously extreme example of the various hazards that home and auto insurance policies protect against. As the McCallister family prepares to vacate their home for the holidays, two burglars make plans of their own. Only to find, 8 year old Kevin, accidentally left behind by his frantic family, innovative and ready to protect his home.

Let's find out if Kevin has it covered and what we might just be overlooking with our own policies.

1. Winter Weather

You might be wondering how in the world does a family leave town without their eight year old. Well, if you remember the McCallister family is rather large and wakes up late, running frantically to catch their flight. The winter weather caused a power outage that reset their alarms and welcomed this absolute chaos.

Lucky for them, oversleeping is a minor setback to what a power outage could do to your home. Winter weather can also bring more trouble to your home such as frozen plumbing and pipes, ice damage, roofing issues, fire hazards, and flooding.

Not all policies cover these weather-related incidents, call and check that yours does today!

2. Trips and Slips and Other Liability Concerns

In order to protect his home, mischievous little Kevin sets up creative traps and obstacles to deter the burglars. While icy sidewalks, tricky staircases, and sharp broken ornaments are great ways to protect your home according to the classic holiday film, your insurance provider might disagree. Although hilarious in the movie, these type of occurrences are a huge liability risk for a homeowner.

3. Fire Hazards

The burglars seem to think they can beat the kid, but Kevin doesn’t give up easily. Remember the burning hot doorknob or the blow torch to the head? There are things in our homes that could be potential fire hazards we may not even realize, especially during the winter months. Space heaters, holiday candles, Christmas lights, fireplaces, and more- these things could all be putting you at risk.

4. Home Invasion

Lucky for the McCallister’s, Kevin was successful in protecting their home and belongings from the two burglars. Not so lucky were the neighbors who didn’t accidentally leave their 8 year old home alone.

Homeowners and personal property insurance can help you recover your losses from home invasion and burglary. Consider adding those expensive Christmas gifts to your policies ASAP.

5. Home Repairs

Nails and tar, feathers and glue, fire, flooding, and the list goes on.

Although successful in his attempt to keep the burglars out of his home, consider the mess and damage Kevin left behind. Home insurance can also help cover the damages left behind from burglary, accidents, weather, and other unexpected things.

6. Auto Policies

Anyone remember how Kevin’s mom finally made it home to him? Well she hitched a ride in the back of a moving truck. Are rental cars covered in your auto policy? What about your trailers, motorcycles, boats, atvs, etc.?

This classic holiday movie “Home Alone” gives us six great reasons to review our insurance policies. So sit down, get cuddled up, watch “Home Alone,” and call or email us today!


A message from Chris:

The holidays and insurance!

Believe it or not the holidays are a great time to review your insurance policies. In the Midwest it’s winter time which means there are more hazardous conditions. We give and receive presents, which may need additional coverage. And we spend time with family, which can increase the awareness for Life insurance. Listed are some discussion topics for us when we meet.

Liability Exposures

  • slip and falls on ice

  • dangerous road conditions

  • frozen pipes

New Assets

  • firearms

  • new electronics

  • jewelry

Life Insurance

  • income protection

  • college for the kids

  • key person coverage

We’ve seen a thing or two since 1947! Let’s put our experience to work on your assets and property protection! Call or email us today!

Chris Forsythe


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