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Real Estate Investing-

Joint Ventures

We provide transactional and gap lending. This allows an investor to keep more money in their pocket throughout the property acquisition process. 

Our network

We have a diverse group in our network. With our access to private money lenders you can scale at a faster pace! 



From Earnest Money, closing cost, to rehab funds, you're covered. 


How to get started

We will need the following to start the process. 

  • Your Name/ Business Name (FEIN)

  • All contact information

  • Project Address

  • Amount Requested 

  • What is the request for

  • Close date

  • Your resume/ past deals/ etc


What's next

Email everything to

We will email back a confirmation and follow-up promptly. 

Let's Work Together

Get started today- 620.231.6460- Call/Text Anytime

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