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Winter Weather/ Auto Preparation

We live in the Midwest! This means one day it can be the high 80s and the next day the low 30° range. This means we always have to have our cars ready for the extreme temperature swings. Listed there are a few things to consider when preparing our vehicles.

- Tire Pressure (this can fluctuate and cause low pressure lights to go off) Always make sure you check and keep pressures in the range recommended be the manufacturer.

- Windshield washer fluid. This comes in handy with grime on the windshield. Stay stocked up!

- Keep one to two ice-scrapers in the cars at all times.

-cardboard, yes cardboard, to cover the windshield in the event of an ice storm. Use this when the car is parked and take off before driving. - make sure to always have a blanket available in the car.


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