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Sponsorship and Giving

When you go into business for yourself, you’ll start getting approached by many people to give back. Giving back should always be your practice for a long and successful business venture. However, we recommend that you set a budget. This budget is not only financially but also with your time commitments.

What non-for-profits are you most passionate about? What causes resonate most with you? These are all good places to start as we look to give. We believe in giving frequently and often!

Listed are some pointers-

- time is our most valuable asset, make sure when committing your time it’s to a cause that you can get behind. It’s easy to over commit especially when new in business.

-giving, a good rule is a minimum of 10% of profits but we recommend more if possible

-many agencies will contact you, what is your annual budget?

- make sure to leave yourself time to run your business. Businesses need opportunity to make money to allow them to give back. Make sure you have time to! - mentoring is an awesome way to reinvest in others. Who are you mentoring?

Contact us for other great tips!


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