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We reached Sunday! For us it’s Church and a shift from our day to day tasks. These can be the days when the most memories are made. It’s summer. What memories have you made thus far in 2022? We are all about working hard, working long hours, and networking! However, sometimes it’s great to reflect and make memories. Listed are some ideas on making the most of even the little things.

  • Make a 30 day challenge where you take a sunrise/sunset pic every day.

  • Pull that phone out and plan to snap at least 10 pics from each event you go to. No matter how small of an event. ( These can be put in folders on your phone, added to Google Drive, or another cloud service.

  • Be in the moment. Forget nearly everything else, and just be there.

  • Make a goal list of parks, trips, or etc to take during this summer. And start checking them off.

  • If your budget allows, buy a boat, camper, atv or etc to really plug into Summer.

Whatever your interest is make the most of Summer!

We’d love to hear your ideas! Text/ Call- 620.231.6460

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