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Joining Area REIA

Updated: Jul 8, 2022

What is a REIA? It’s a group that supports real estate investors.



Investors Association

There are many National affiliated associations across the US. We are involved with the Joplin Area REIA which is based out of Joplin Mo. We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month and also have meetups in a few smaller local towns. Listed are some things you can expect from our REIA, we would love to have you come to an upcoming meetup, as the first meeting is free.

- Professional Speakers ( often times on a National level)

-Networking (this is one of the biggest perks)

- Lending ( access to private lending)

- Coaching/ Mentoring- you can often connect with someone locally, but we also have national recommendations too.

- Social Media connections, connect with our members via social media.

There is so many opportunities with a REIA. And you don’t have to be a property investor to benefit. Have a small business, or looking to growing personally. Come connect with us. Let’s grow together!

Call/Text 620.231.6460

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