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Joining a Networking Group

What are your interests? Golf, planes, real estate, etc?How plugged in are you to those aspects of your life? Meaning are you “all in!” You’re probably thinking, but I can’t plug into everything I have interest in. And that may be right. But what are your extreme passions that you can?

We love having these chats. How may our agency help you get plugged in today?

A few ways to plug in and connect with like minded people…..

  • meetups- join local meetups that do the same thing

  • Facebook Groups are a great way to connect both locally and nationally

  • Church

  • Starting a group yourself (in the community or area you live)

  • Posting on On Social Media your interest and asking for others who have the same, to reach out

  • Becoming an expert in the field and then connecting

There are so many more ways to plug in and connect with other like minded people! These were general ideas.

Text/ Call us anytime-620.231.6460 we are here to help you WIN!!

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