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Day 1 of the Benefits of Joining the Joplin Area REIA

Welcome to the Joplin Area REIA the area's premiere resource for both new and experienced Real Estate Investors. The Joplin Area REIA provides support for investors via our various online and in person platforms. We have built a network of local leaders in their profession who believe in a culture of helping others learn and grow in their craft. We believe in personal and professional growth through helping others. To enrich our commitment we hold a meeting once per month that is open to both the public and our members. We provide speakers who are Goliaths in their fields. Our meetings provide investors with a unique experience and opportunity to learn from true leaders and network with like minded individuals. There is power in numbers! To learn more about membership benefits click on the "Member Benefits" tab.

If you would like additional information or would like to be a sponsor, you can contact President- Tim Weems or Vice President-Chris Forsythe at the contact numbers below-

Tim Weems

President-Joplin Area REIA

Phone-417.455.6256 (9am-3pm)

Chris Forsythe

Vice President-Joplin Area REIA


Sign up today! Don’t wait!

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