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Condo’s and Risk…..

Condos can make home ownership easy. Roof need fixing? That’s the HOA’s headache. But things can get complicated. Let’s review your HOA’s master policy and find out if your policy includes the coverage you want.

Fire Damages Your Condo

Risk:While you’re at work, a fire in your utility room spreads to several rooms before it’s contained. Firefighters blame the blaze on lint that accumulated near your dryer’s heating element.

Coverage:Your condo property insurance coverage can help when damage to your interior — such as built—in appliances and flooring — isn’t covered by your association’s insurance policy.


You can’t live in your condominium while fire damage is repaired — the contractor says the project may take several months.


Coverage for additional living expenses can help with the costs of temporary relocation when a covered event makes your condo uninhabitable.

A Guest is Suing You…


You’re enjoying an al fresco dinner party when part of your balcony collapses — injuries aren’t severe, but one guest plans to sue.


Liability coverage can help you protect your assets against lawsuits that result from accidents that take place on your property.

There are so many benefits to our comprehensive coverage. Let the experts protect your assets and investment!

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