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Buying Property Is Our Specialty

We have been aquiring property in some creative ways, that provides a win/win/win! What's a win/win/win? The Seller gets what they need, the Real Estate Agent gets paid, and lastly we the buyers are able to get what we need to make a solid investment.

Our strategies are setup to make it simple for the seller. That's how life should be.

What are we looking for?

  • distressed property ( we like properties where we can add value)

  • Seller that has little to no equity (we can sometimes buy and help get a seller out of this situation.)

  • Seller owns the property free and clear (we can get extremely creative here.)

  • 2-4bd single family homes

  • Multi family units

Have a question? We'd love to chat with you. Call/text anytime! 620.231.6460

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