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Business startups- Test the Waters and Leap….

Today we focus on business startups! As Challenging as they may be, it might just be worth it. Check it out!

Test the Waters and Then Leap

When you’re juggling your “regular” job and trying to start your new business, you’re going to come to a breaking point. You’ll be tired and feel bad about taking new business calls on your lunch break and lying to your boss. Then one day, everything will flip. You stop denying how unfulfilling your job is. Your new business is growing and demanding more of you, and you realize that’s where your heart is. After a difficult conversation with your spouse, you’re going to quit and, just like that, the uncertainty vanishes. Sure, you’re not going to pay yourself well for a year, but you’ll leave all that anxiety and frustration behind. It’s a relief to take the leap and move fully into one world.

Check out the entire article here. Then call and let’s chat. 620.231.6460

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