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A Real Estate REIA

Networking Is one of the most important things in the investing business. Some say your net work is your net worth, and that couldn’t be anymore true. We are going to spend a little bit of time diving in to what true networking is. There are many forms of networking and depending on what style of business you’re running it may very case by case however you can’t be in contact with too many people as you’re building your real estate business. One area that we would like to dive into now is the power of a real estate investors association. For us we run the Joplin Area Real Estate Investors Association , LLC and know firsthand the power of a REIA. Most REIAs have a social media support platform, tons of value add learning materials, discounts from various vendors, and the best of all a great net work to rely on. By attending and being a member of an association, you certainly put yourself in front of dozens of buyers, sellers, investors, bankers, and really the number is limited. If there’s not a meet up network in your area you may do what we did and start one. We won’t dive into how to start a real estate investors association in this, but are open to helping you start yours.

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