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8/22/22 Week recap

This week’s recap

We’ve had a busy week! Here’s a recap

-We met over 22 new people this week.

-We are working in the Tulsa Ok and Kansas City markets, and are focusing more time there as well. If you have property to sell or insurance needs in these markets we’d love to help.

-Purchased an additional home in the Carl Junction market this week.

-Have two open houses coming. Call/ text the office for more details.

-Insurance has faces it’s challenges this year. Inflation has increased insurance rates for many. We’ve had a busy week helping new clients and working with current clients on their coverages. Have a question? Call/ text us anytime!

-Ask us about Youngpreneur and the new business outreach initiative! Have a high school freshman- College student. We’d love an opportunity to chat with their class. Text call the office!

We love community- 620.231.6460

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