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Time Management

We hear this term thrown around a lot. While we hear it and think about the best way to manage a full work load, there are many avenues to explore.

Our office is definitely focused on growth which means things get fairly busy. How do we manage everything? It’s definitely not easy. Here are some of our current methods we are using. We hope a few of these may help you.

  • Google Drive. We utilize Google when taking on a new business. We setup a Google account for that business and then link up Google Drive to partners and such to seamlessly share important documents/ etc.

  • Facebook messenger. We use this feature to communicate with potential clients, workers, and etc. It’s seamless and quick.

  • Trello- we recently started using this service. It allows us to schedule day to day tasks and projects seamlessly between work groups.

  • Constant Contacts- we use this to send out email blasts and marketing. It’s quick and often done from a cell phone.

  • Google Voice and Cloud based phone systems. We set these up to handle everything from insurance to properties. We run the various apps. This allows us to streamline multiple businesses to one cell phone.

We hope a few of these tips help. We have many more and would love to share with you and discuss productivity and time management in more detail. Text/ Call anytime 620.231.6460

The Forsythe Agency Team

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