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Chris Forsythe

Meet Chris Forsythe. Chris is a highly motivated entrepreneur. He has a passion for connecting and it shows. One quick chat with his team or him and you’ll see why!

Attached is Chris’ bio-

Chris D. A. Forsythe

Chris was was born in Fort Scott, KS on a cold February day. Growing up in a small rural area just across the Missouri line, he learned the value of a strong work ethic at a very young age. Being the only child meant more time focused on him, but it got quiet sometimes around the house for sure. Growing up presented its challenges, but he learned to push through them, as Chris believes they are sent from God to shape us.

Chris graduated from high school in the town of El Dorado Springs. Learning along beside his grandpa, he took on raising beef cattle and remodeling houses. Remodeling houses became a passion, one he still enjoys to this very day. Working for a Fortune 100 company was where Chris focused 17 yrs of his life. Doing everything from a floor operator to advancing to a manufacturing production supervisor, there was rarely a dull moment. When Chris left this position he was leading 4 crews. While working here he obtained his Business Management degree which enhanced the passion for business.

In June of 2017, Chris took a leap and quit the supervisor role and purchased his own business.

Chris currently owns and manages The Forsythe Agency. The agency has been in the Pittsburg, KS area since since around 1947. Although insurance has been his team’s main focus for some time, Chris wants to do even more. Chris has expanded into different aspects of business. His current portfolio includes-

Chris Forsythe Agency LLC

Forsythe Enterprises LLC

Precision Coffee Company

Joplin Area Real Estate Investors Association, LLC

Chris is always looking for ways to assist others and enjoys giving back. If you ever need anything or have a question, please reach out. Chris is very responsive to emails and phone calls.

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